Saturday, September 24, 2005

Art and Yourself

The philosophy Aesthetic Realism was founded in 1941, as its founder, Eli Siegel, showed for the first time the relation between the concerns of an individual self and the material of art: beginning with the art of poetry. It is he who stated, "The resolution of conflict in self is like the making one of opposites in art." The Terrain Gallery in NYC was founded with this idea at is basis. It thrives today, in its 50th year, and its current exhibition is described on the Gallery's website. On this site you'll see, as well, further explanation of what Aesthetic Realism explains about how art can tell us about who we are. Reading it can be a beginning point for learning so much more. How Aesthetic Realism sees art is taught in a number of classes in the visual arts given at the Aesthetic Realism Foundation, including "The Art of Drawing," taught by printmaker Chaim Koppelman, "The Visual Arts and the Opposites"--a museum and gallery class taught by artist Marcia Rackow, and a class for people currently working in the visual arts: "The Critical Inquiry," taught by painter Dorothy Koppelman. Enjoy!